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Toronto’s award-winning STEM programs are now virtual!

Join us for some amazingly fun and engaging coding, robotics and Minecraft programs!

Our Offerings

Virtual Weekly programs:
1-2 hour weekly sessions where your child can choose between coding, robotics or Minecraft! Plans are 1 class per week paid on a monthly basis. Our weekly program plans allow you to pick and switch between topics throughout your child’s membership with us based on your child’s schedule and interests.

Virtual Camps:
2 hour sessions during PA Days, the summer, March break and the winter holidays!

Virtual Private and Semi-Private classes:
Individual or small group classes that can be customized to your child’s learning goals, pace and schedule.

Virtual Parties:
Celebrate with your child’s special day with us. Pick between a coding, robotics or Minecraft party.

What will my child learn?

21st century skills: Kids have gone from having emotional or academic difficulties to leading clubs, improving their marks, and taking on more responsibility and ownership at home.

Technical skills:Your kids will learn from NASA-educated entrepreneurs, teachers and engineers. These professional skills will help them become leaders in their future careers.

Social skills: Your kids will feel like they fit in with this community of like-minded peers and feel a sense of belonging. Kids make friends, learn conflict resolution skills, and collaborate to build amazing projects.
Award-winning Mentors: Our team is filled with experienced teachers and expert Makers. We have a team of highly trained students with specialties in coding or robotics, recent grads, certified teachers and STEM professionals. Our online environment lets your child interact with the instructor much as they would in person. Video conferencing and screen-sharing capabilities allow teachers to work with participants in a group as well as individually.

Smaller class sizes: Our virtual classes are five makers or less. We recognize that each maker learns best at their own pace. Maker-Mentors offer individual support and help with project design and debugging to each maker individually. The video conferencing technology we use allows instructors to view each maker’s work as needed.

Minimal computer setup: All participants must use a Chrome web browser. Use Mac or PC laptops/desktops (tablets are not compatible). Chromebooks can only be used for Coding and Robotics.

Minecraft Set Up: Our programs that include Minecraft need a bit of additional setup. Our Mentors are always available to help you along the way! Our Minecraft and Idea Incubator programs, and MiniMaker camps need to be able to download the Java Edition of Minecraft. Chrome books are not compatible with Minecraft Java edition. Weekly MiniMakers and and trial attendees do not need Minecraft setup.

Class Levels

MiniMakers: For makers grades 1-2. Mini Maker programs will teach the basics of coding, robotics or Minecraft while also promoting technical, creative and social skills.

Beginner: For makers grades 3-5 or 6-8 with no to low experience in the topic of interest. The activities done in beginner sessions are group-based and will change from class to class.

Experienced: For makers grades 3-5 or 6-8 with prior experience in the topic of interest. These makers will be working on a mix of group and independent projects that may take multiple classes to complete.


Pick between our three core topics – coding, robotics and Minecraft. We also offer private/semi-private courses where we’ll have an expert Mentor working one-on-one with you child to work on their specific goals or interests!


Makers will code games, websites and more! They learn how computers work, exercise creativity by coming up with ideas for how their project will look and feel, and build resilience and perseverance when trouble-shooting their code. Your maker will learn everything they need to know to code their very own game: character development, storyboarding, animation, environment and level design, beta testing and, of course, coding.


In our Robotics programs, kids design, plan, program, and build electronic inventions while using a virtual robotics microcontroller (the same microcontrollers used by industry professionals) and learn how to code. Your maker will better understand how everyday objects around them work and have the opportunity to bring their ideas to life. Kids use online robotics simulator technology to learn how to make electronic creations that they previously only dreamed of. No additional equipment is needed!


We use Minecraft as a medium to help kids build transferable skills such as coding, electronics, 3D design, servers, and more. We leverage kids’ interest in Minecraft as a gateway to introduce them to other STEM topics such as Robotics and Coding. Minecraft is a great medium for teaching positive netizen skills and communication skills. Kids learn how to make Minecraft even more awesome, how computers and servers work, and core computer programming concepts while collaborating with kids equally excited about Minecraft.

Sign Up Now:

Register online for our Bloor West location follow the steps below, or call us to enroll (416-385-3577 Ext. 2).

  1. Check out our list of classes and click to choose the starting date of the weekly timeslot you want.
  2. This will prompt you to log-in or create an account and add a plan to your cart
  3. When purchasing the plan you'll be prompted to add a dependent who the plan will be used by.

If you would like to try a class on us, sign up for a free trial online or contact us at info@makerkids.com.