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Trial Class

Gr. 1-2 MiniMakers Orientation and Trial:

Before starting with MiniMakers membership, every kid attends a free 1h trial and orientation. During the class students are introduced to many of the skills, techniques, and language they'll soon be encountering on a weekly basis. They cover fundamental concepts like the flow of electricity in circuits, how robots think, and most importantly how to interact with computers.

Pick a day to sign-up for a free Gr.1-2 trial class by clicking here.

Gr. 3-8 Sampler Trial:

Join us for a free 2h trial sampler class where kids have the opportunity to experience the three different class-types we offer at MakerKids:

  • Robotics
  • Coding
  • Minecraft

Students will wire up a robot, help program videogames using a variety of platforms we use, and learn MakerKids’ approach to running and accessing a Minecraft server. In addition to seeing what kind of projects they’d be working on in specific topics, kids also gain exposure to the space and general class flow helping with comfort and confidence when they arrive for their first day of membership.

Pick a day to sign-up for a free Gr.3-8 trial class by clicking here.