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Grades 3-8: Minecraft Intermediate (Virtual)

1 visit free CAD$225 Purchase required to enroll
Minecraft Makers will be learning how to build, plan and code not just play in Minecraft! Makers will collaborate with their classmates to plan out large building projects while their instructor helps to guide and teach new skills to them each week. These skills will include more intermediate circuit logic using Redstone, coding elements using command blocks and 3D design using geometry and mathematics.

Commands: Minecraft uses an XYZ 3d Cartesian coordinate system in each of its worlds. Students start thinking about relative and absolute positioning while learning some more advanced commands that can in a few keystrokes completely change the shape of their virtual

Redstone: Before getting into fancier circuits students learn how to hide their wiring which makes their creations that much more elegant. This requires a concept known as signal inverting (i.e. a NOT logic gate) and unlocks propagating signals straight up and down. With most of redstone’s fundamental properties out of the way, various inputs and outputs (and the quirks of each) are covered one by one. Components such as analog light sensors, block moving pistons, and item transporting hoppers and droppers, are introduced along with analysis devices such as comparators and some signal theory like monostable circuits necessary to use them to their full potential. Before moving on, a game mechanic known as “block updates” stemming from how Minecraft’s code works is experimented with which allows for almost anything to act as an input. Kids are also introduced to redstone clocks that opens up a whole new type of oscillating signal type.