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Private Classes

*Please note that all programs will be running virtually until May 4 (or until further notice).
Our curriculum platform is an online platform that can be accessed from home. In addition, we are using an excellent and highly secure screen-sharing technology solution which will enable makers to continue learning, socialization and development from home by participating in web-calls and receiving their lessons from Maker-Mentors online. During a time where kids may not have as much interaction with other kids as usual available to them, we hope that these weekly programs will provide positive interaction and boost their moods. They will get to interact with regular classmates each week in their programs. This will also enable us to continue employing our excellent Maker-Mentors and have them continue to be available to your makers both during and after this period. We also plan to add some special bonuses of things kids can do throughout the weeks!

Our live online sessions will quickly have young makers creating fun projects. Live instructors make sure that each participant gets the help they need at exactly the right time.
  1. Live Instructors: Our online environment lets your child interact with the instructor much as they would in person. Video conferencing and screen-sharing capabilities allow teachers to work with participants individually.
  2. Individualized Approach: We recognize that each maker learns best at their own pace. Maker-Mentors will be offering individual support and help with project design and debugging to each maker individually. The video conferencing technology we use allows instructors to view each maker’s work as needed.
Your child will learn STEM topics such as Coding, Robotics and Minecraft in a weekly or daily 60-minute class.
They will build confidence, social skills and change-making abilities.
Please contact us to set up a one-off or recurring private class in a custom time-slot with one of our experienced instructors.

Private Class Plan Details
  • Monthly membership of $300 (plus tax): 4x 60-minute one-on-one classes a month
    Membership is paid for by recurring monthly payments with each bill covering enrollment in the weekly class for that month-long billing cycle.

  • Weekly membership of $300 (plus tax): 5x 60-minute one-on-one classes a week (1 per weekday)
    Membership is paid for by recurring weekly payments with each bill covering enrollment in the daily class for that week-long billing cycle.

How to sign up:
  1. Purchase a membership plan
  2. Choose a starting date, then log-in or create an account
  3. Select a class and time-slot

Please read the terms and conditions when purchasing a plan after selecting a timeslot for more detail and other important information.

If you are unable to enroll in your desired class due to it being at capacity (mentions the waiting list or you receive a message when enrolling), please contact us regarding possible solutions (there might still be room!) or to join the waiting list. We can be reached by phone at 1-844-MAKERKIDS (1-844-625-3754) 416-385-3577 or email at info@makerkids.com and welcome any and all inquiries.


Private Class - Weekly Plans available from CAD$300Purchase required to enroll

Private Class - Daily on Weekdays CAD$300Purchase required to enroll